What is Lilibeth Gray?

Lilibeth Gray is just someone speaking about their personal experiences in life. A blog about expression through true stories, thoughts, and feelings. Too often in social media people push that they have a perfect life and forget to post the realness of everyday life. Everything is photoshopped, taken out of context, and twisted into perfection. It’s hard to relate to people like that and it sets this unrealistic expectation of life. I know this because I am someone who watches other people’s lives and sits in despair wondering why mine doesn’t seem to compare. I am very grateful for my life and I know that I have it much better than many others, but my life isn’t perfect because no ones life is truly perfect. It’s okay to have imperfections; every single person on this earth does. This blog won’t even be perfect and have proper grammar or punctuation because I’m not an English major. So if you’re looking for a little realness in your life and someone to relate to rather than worship, here I am. xoxo.